Listen to me be dumb :P I have a cold in this. Listen to me be bad at staying on topic and have sniffles.


showing my art to people like image



practice makes perfect!

finally a comic that’s not just “drawing is hard I quit”


how do people rap i cant even talk without messing it up

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 my future relationship

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Ideas? Collabs? Souls?


Right now I have a few requests from twitter and here on Tumblr for drawings of Rodimus, Skids and Abominus (ooo he will be fun to draw) and one for Skylynx (g1). Also got a tenth doctor request and one for Space Dandy.
Any other things people would like me to draw? Any fandoms are welcome. I just like ideas thrown at me.
Its not guaranteed I will do the request, but all the same thanks for everyone who has tossed a few ideas my way. You are all awesome.

 I prefer to just do fun fanart stuff in my down time from work. (Work is soul sucking when it comes to original ideas, ahah, the video game industry is brutal that way.)

I am always, ALWAYS open for collaborations. I can color, ink or whatever. 

I will reblog this here too.

Rearranging my art request list (requests now closed for the moment)


I recently agreed to do an art trade with the awesome dataglitch, So I am going to push that to the front, since data is making something for me. (Hai data! it’s theangrybee!)
What’s left of my request list will be done after, once I am done with that I will be taking commissions again and maybe a few more requests.
I’m always open for art trades and collabs.
<3 Thanks guys.


Very Very Busy.


Very Very Busy.